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Planting in High Fired Ceramics

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Planting in High Fired Ceramics

How to select the right size planter using the right medium.

Looking to create some magic in your outdoor space? Using high fired planters can add color and personality to your space. Choosing the right size and utilizing the right medium can sometimes be a challenge, but have no fear, with a little practice any novice can create that perfect something special.

At Pottery As Art in Historic Bonita Springs, the possibilities are endless. Offering every size, shape, and color, the perfect planter awaits. When choosing for your space, going large can provide the optimal environment for your plants to grow and thrive. For alot of plantings it is not necessary to fill the entire planter with soil. Using a filler for the bottom, such as mulch or crushed water bottles, can provide excellent drainage and reduce the amount of soil needed. Always make sure to see if the pots have adequate drainage holes. If more are required for your particular plant, Pottery As Art can assist in drilling custom holes. 

Stop by Pottery As Art in Bonita Springs Fl on Old 41 Rd and let us help you "Make Your Landscape Design A Landscape Statement".